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How the "ConditionalTrigger" works??

Hi everybody
Please HELP, I can not absolutly understand how that ones works.
Easy example what I need.
button1 lights on led1, button2 lights on led2. So now I need easy function. Led3=Led1 & Led2. Something like cross connection but I want use future of panel only.

Many thanks for any help.


  • Hello,

    Based on the above example, there are three LED controls.
    All these LED controls are bound to some RAPID / Signal data.

    So the condition is LED1 & LED2.

    To do this Drag and Drop Conditional Trigger control.
    1. Select the Condition as AND
    2. Select LHS as the Signal that is bound to LED1
    3. Select RHS as the Signal that is bound to LED2
    4. In the Events Tab configure a event which gets executed when this condition is satisfied.
    5. In the Event Set the Signal which is bound to LED3.