RobotWare 5.07?


If a robot has screens made with RAB 5.06, and the robot is upgraded to RobotWare 5.07 (when it becomes available), will the screens still work? Will later versions of robotware be backwards compatable?


Michael Siminski
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ABB Australia
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  • In theory your 5.06 projects should work with 5.07, but I would want to test that for myself before I committed to it.

    From what I have seen of the documentation for 5.07, they have cleaned up the organization of the ABB.Robotics.Controllers namespace, so it is possible that some functionality has moved from one assembly to another.

    Hopefully, as long as you kept all of the standard references that are added when you create a project, there won't be any issues with any internal changes.

    Russell Drown