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Binding signals through AliasIO directly in SM?



I am working a lot with the ABB Function Package For Automotive Line Builders, as used by Volvo or Scania. This function package provides a high level of hardware abstraction, so physical signals are mapped via AliasIO to signaldi or signaldo variables, that are later used by handler and device routines to have the needed logic when opening or closing in this case a gripper.

I'd like to have a SM-Application that can be used to open or close a gripper manually while programming without having to use the routines provided by the Function Package, like GripperOpen() all the time, as running this will need the program pointer, which is lost then, and the programmer has to set it back to from where he ran the routine.

Accessing the signals directly in SM is no problem, but as we have this hardware abstraction via AliasIO, I don't wanna use it to make my application hardware independant as the rest of most of the code in the Function Package. The dialog to read/write RAPID data does not show variables.

So is it possible to access a variable of type signaldi or signaldo, that is mapped to a physical signal via AliasIO in SM without the use of the FPSDK? I am not too familiar with .NET-programming, so I'd like to stick with SM itself.

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Lohengrin2011-06-10 15:31:08
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  • Abhishek PM

    Thanks for the detailed problem description.
    Only rapid variables which are defined as constant and persistant are supported to be bound to properties.
    Thanks again.