RS SDK 5.14 - Problem on visual Studio

When we create a new class project, we have to add the ABB references. I click on References with the right button and chose Add Reference. I select the Browse tab and go to the bin folder inside RobotStudio installation place. I select the .dll files and click ok. Next the references appear with an exclamation mark. This is the first time that something like this happen. I was using in another computer the same version of RobotStudio (5.14) and Visual Studio (2008 Pro Edition) and didn't had this problem. This project was created in other computer and now i'm trying to continue in this new one. Even if i create a new project this problem happens again. I also checked to see if i'm using 3.5 framework and it's ok. I'm also using the same operating system, windows xp professional. What could it be? John Wiberg2011-06-15 11:18:22


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