Creating a C# application to control the robot


I am knew with all the abb software.
I am trying to develop a sort of library in C# that will allow me the access to the main functions of the robot. For instance a move linear function were I can define the target point. 
Does anyone have any small example, of how to do it?? There is any tutorial?? I am reading the manuals right now but it is so many things that I would be thankfull for any advice. To control the robot through C# do I need to write anything in RAPID.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Asad
    Asad Germany
    yes you need to make an application on visual studio which can connect to robotstudio and send positions as string values. basically u have to do socket programming between RS and VC.. Now when you have a client ready in VC u need to make the listen server in Robotstudio and establish comm. between both. After that you have to make a function to convert strings to targets for Robot in RAPID and distinguish between each string value u send for coordinates., this is a bit tricky but try.