WebWare SDK License [WebWare SDK]


I'm using WebWare SDK version 4.90.0180, and a application that is working for about a 3 years that we made in Visual C# Express 2008.


I need to do some changes to the program and I get a error "You must have a license to use this activeX control"


Do I need to register the component?


Problems with the Visual C#?


Any tips how to solve this problem will be helpfull.


Thank you.




  • JC ALT
    JC ALT France

    This is normal behavior , you ned to have the webware sdk license installed on your PC when yo open an active X in developement mode (i.e inside vsual C#)


    may be the application was developed in an other PC who had the license and the curent pc don't have it , then you can go back on the original PC with the license to do the developement or request to move the license to the other PC, for that contact your local ABB representative who sold you the initial license