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I was modifying a virtual controller in robot studio online without any problems.  For some reason, coincidence perhaps, after I added an IO unit, I was blocked out from the controller, i.e. I couldn't add any signals, add any modules, etc..  I cannot even acces the UAS Administration tool and the grant viewer. The UAS Administration tool is greyed out while the grant viewer just doesn't load up.   I checked the dll's linked to robot studio and noticed that whenever I clicked the grant viewer, the dll file was not included.  I have tried reinstalling Robot Studio Online, robot studio and webware.  The problem still persists.  The version I have is 5.06.0143 for robot studio online and 5.06.1556.143 for robot studio.


  • Anders S
    Hi Hansel,

    We have discovered some problems with the RobotWare 143. Therefor I recommend that you install the new version of RobotStudio (5.06.1560.158) from Solutionsbank. And don't forget to install the new version of RobotStudio Online and RobotWare also.

    I hope that will solve your problems.Anders S38651,5730092593
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
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