Error: make_true_absolute_path

hi everyone, i have several IRB 6400 M98, with OS S4C 3.2.
they have in the A71 a Network I/O computer DSQC336 with Ethernet connector.

i dont find anywhere the "ethernet utilities" or "s4boot" programs of ABB.
i manage to connect them via ethernet (NFS) with mi laptop as server to download-upload program files, but when i tried to copy or transfer them i got the error:

hifi.c 3074 make_true_absolute_path 1::illegal path

has somebody any clue of how to correct this?

ZarooS2011-08-22 12:07:54


  • Thomas J
    Thomas J United States
    What Server are you using on the PC side?

    Please attach a back-up that includes the cfg files and backinfo.txt

    Option for NFS Client must be installed.


    Do you have the 16mb memory expansion installed?


    Remeber to use unix notation in specifying paths...
    Thomas H. Johnston
    PACs Application Engineer
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