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Condition to open screen - ScreenMaker

Hello colleagues

I need to open determined screen based on application variable value on ScreenMaker 5.14.

It should be something like this:

If ApplicationVariable = "A" then OpenScreen 1

If ApplicationVariable = "B" then OpenScreen 2

I get the value of application variable during RAPID execution

I tried to use "Conditional Trigger" control, but with no success

Maybe I donA't know how to use it on the right way.

Can somebody help me with this case?

Thanks in advance !!


  • Hello,
    Conditional Trigger gets triggered if the condition is satisfied. I have tried to create a document describing a simple example on using conditional trigger which has a similar scenario.
    Hope this helps.
  • Hello !

    Really thanks for your help

    It worked in my application

    Just a question to clarify ...

    What does "LHS" and "RHS" means ?

    I would like to know what the acronym means ...

    Thanks once again !!

  • Hello,
    Thanks for your inputs, here LHS stands for Left Hand Side and RHS stands for Right hand side.
    If we have an expression like A EQUALS B or A GREATER B
    'A' would be the left hand side value to be compared with the Right hand side value 'B'.
    Hope this makes it a little clear.
  • Hello

    Thanks for answer

    Easier knowing the concept !

    Thanks once again !
  • Nice post!

    I'll try to se the attachment in Abhishek reply.

    Have a nice day :DThumbs Up

    Manuel Perez Lopez
  • thanks abhishek you are right..