RSOnline 6.06.01 connectivity problems

Has anyone else experienced a sudden onset of connectivity problems using RSOnline 5.06.01?

We have been using this version for months and are using the same RW version, but within the past few days we have lost the ability to browse (all other network connectivity, i.e. FTP, ping, etc. are working OK) to machines with this version of RSOnline. Interestingly, we ARE able to see 5.06.02 mchines on the network.

All of the affected machines are XP SP1;we have one Win2k machine that is able to see all of 5.06.01 systems as well as 5.06.02. It actually has a beta 5.06.02 version of ROnline installed.

We are investigating whether this behavior is caused by any of the  MS patches that were recently released.

Russell Drown


  • Hi Russ
    I had kind of this problem on my PC running XP sp2 and what I did was that I went into the firewall, advanced tab and went into settings of Local Area Connection and enabled ftp server. And after that I was able to see the systems.
    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products
  • False alarm. Apparently our network service provider decided it would be a "hoot" to apply access restrictions on a range of IP addresses that we use for our testracks.

    As a result, we were able to "hear" the "Here I am" broadcasts from the testracks, but they were blocked from responding to our connection requests.

    Russell Drown