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Modify robot positions from Screen

Hi, I use my robot to run several different routines. Positions in these routines frequently need to be modified by operators who often modify the wrong positions!
I propose to install ScreenMaker and create screens for each routine containing a list of the X, Y & Z values of only the positions for each routine seperatly. I need these X, Y Z values to be live and adjustable via the screen presented to the operator. Is this possable??


  • Hello,
    ScreenMaker very well allows the reading and writing of rapid values from the screen.
    But what it does not allow is reading a specific value like position and orientation from datatypes like robtarget,etc and display them.
    According to the description provided you are interested in just modifying the X,Y,Z values of the robot and if these values are stored in independent rapid variables and updated accordingly then it would serve your puprose. 
    Hope this answers your question.
  • how about motor controll for a robot hand do I need other programs for this?? or just relays would be better??