Error using pulsetime

Klaus Denmark ✭✭

I use SM 5.14.1032
I get this error when i add time in millisec on a pulse event in a button.
ScreenMaker -> Build Error -> Screen d:Screenmaker projektsGUI mpMainScreen.cs - Line 371 : Argument 1: cannot convert from 'double' to 'int' 27-09-2011 14:06:20 ScreenMaker .
If i enter pulsetime in 200 i get this error but if i use an application variable with same value it works. 
The C# code that makes the error is this:

this, "IOSYSTEM/SIGNALS/DO_PlacePosReady"))).Pulse(200D);

.Pulse(200D); this must be wrong

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Klaus Soenderhegn


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