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Robot speed ( velocity )

Is it possible to alter the velocity of the robot dynamically.

I basically need to reduce the speed ( sometimes nonlinearly to make things worse ) to either:
1. a value in mm/s or
2. a reduction in speed % of nominal ( pre programmed).

I need to adjust this approx. 5 times pr. second, using the message queue ( or something else )

Any way to do this in a clever way?

Best regards


  • Hi Laro88!
    The only way to update the speed today is with VelSet and with SpeedRefresh.


    Velset change the speed of all subsequent positioning instructions.


    SpeedRefresh is used to change the movement speed for the ongoing robot movement in current motion program task. Note that with SpeedRefresh the speed override will not be done momentary. Instead there will be a lag of 0,3 - 0,5 seconds between order and influence on the physical robot. The value used in SpeedRefresh is a value between 0-100%.


    Can you explain why you need to change the speed 5 times each second? Is it on the same movement it should be changed, or do you use small movements?


    I have seen other demands on such functionality, so please explain in detail what you want to use it for.



  • Daper

    Is it also possible to increase the speed dynamically ? e.g. set it to 110% of the nominal speed ? It seems like VelSet and speedRefresh only allows for dynamic speed reduction...