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Install screenmaker option

I need to install option to use screens created with screenmaker.
I created a new system with the new system code received.
I try to download it to install it, but there is not enough memory.On the disk, there is a big directory RobotWare 5.12.
Can I remove it?
My new system is created with RobotWare 5.14, is this going to cause compatibility issues?


  • Tedenljung


    There is some things you can do to shrink the system in the controller and in the new system that you try to install.
    First thing is to modify the RobotWare installation on the compupter.
    * Go to Add/Remove programs
    * Find RobotWare 5.14.xx and "Modify/change" the installation.
    * When the installer is started you can see that you have two options. One is to remove support for Paint-Pendant and the other is to remove support for Flexpendant version 1. I do not know what system you have, if not a Paint robot, remove the Paint-FP option, if you have FlexPendant v2 remove support for FP v1. When the installer is ready you hava a Robotware that is smaler!
    In the controller you have two options to make more space for the new System.
    But fist, do a new fresh backup and make sure you have it safe on a USB-Stick or downloaded to your computer! Then remove any backup that exist on the controller to make some space.

    Solution 1 (I prefer this solution!):
    If this is a production robot that you want to have a fallback option (Go back to 5.12 if 5.14 installation fail).
    Then you have to shrink the 5.12 RobotWare that is installed in the controller. I have got a tool (CleanSystem.mod) from ABB that can remove temporary files, support for Paint-pendant and support for flexpendant v1. I can not give you this tool because it is an ABB-Internal tool. But I got it from ABB-Service when I asked for it.

    Solution 2:
    You can remove the whole system with 5.12 and then install 5.14. But this way you can not fallback!!! But if this is not an issue, you delete it by doing an X-Start of the controller. When the robot is restarted you have a possibility to delete a system.

    I hope that this will help you, and if you have more questions post them here!

    Tedenljung2011-10-21 10:39:11
  • Tedenljung
    I can give you some hints how to get ScreemMaker to work in the controller.

    When you have successfully got 5.14 in place in the controller you make a fresh backup before you do anything else.

    You have to copy one line from the new backup and paste it to the backup you created before upgrading.
    In the computer, open the new (5.14) backupfolder and then folder SYSPAR. Open file SYS.cfg.
    You then copy this lines from SYS.cfg.
          -File "RELEASE:/options/gtpusdk/ScreenMaker.sys" -ModName "ScreenMaker"
          -AllTask  -Hidden 

    Open the same file from the backup before upgrading and paste it below:


          -File "HOME:/user.sys" -ModName "user" -AllTask 

    Then save!

    Now you can Restore this backup and ScreenMaker will work!

  • Thank you for this information.
    I remake test, but I always same problem.
    I tried to install the option ScreenMaker by creating a system in 5.12.But when I try to download the system, RobotStudio tells me that there is not enough memory, yet the current system is already in 5.12.
    Can I delete the directory RobotWare 5.12 which is in the robot, and retry the download?
    If there is a problem and I copy the old directory RobotWare 5.12, is it that everything will work as before?The robot is in production and should not it fails.
  • Tedenljung
    So you have now done the steps in my first post?
    And there is still not enough space?

    If so then I recommend you to buy a new flashdrive from ABB-Service!
    Then you have the old in spare and as backup, and the new have a lot of space!

    I do not recommend you to delete any files from controller other then backups that you have safe on other places!
  • revathi.d

    Hi all,

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  • I had been trying installing Screenmaker but there are so many options to select and the sad thing is that I don't know what to select for. I call a friend of mine to fix this but he tried selecting such options but still was not able to install. I will try some ideas shared here and thanks a lot for sharing such information. 

  • zaaylo
    I think if your system is with 
    RobotWare 5.14 it is not recommended 
  • Hi, I had the same problem of revhati.d. I've now solved it. Thanks to everyone and, in particular, thanks to Susanpixton!
    Here is my new blog
  • "I think if your system is with  RobotWare 5.14 it is not recommended "

    it would still run...just slow...
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  • szily85
    Hello all,

    I successfully installed the FlexPendant Interface in the controller, BUT, when I want to use my project, (some Run routine buttons, only in manual mode) I got this error message:

    So, I don`t know what is the problem, because in the simulation everything is working, but in REAL system, it doesn`t.

    Can somebody tell me what is this error mess for?


    Regards Szily