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.Net SDK ?


The installation of RS5 tells about an SDK .Net.

I can not find it and the SDK help is disabled, is it a future feature?

Best Regards,

Laurent Businaro


  • Hi Laurent

    In the folder 'C:Program FilesABB Industrial ITRobotics ITRobotStudioSDK' you can find a couple of public assemblies as well as a help file describing the assemblies.

    Right now it's only possible to develop Addins for RS and you do that by using VisualStudio.NET unfortanally there is no documentation or templates yet how to do this.

    Probably in near future there will be a editor like the VBA editor in RobotStudio for S4 and then there will be documentation how to use the RS API.

    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products
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