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ABB Questionnaire: What PC are you using?


ABB Questionnarie: What PC are you using?

We are planning to acquire new PCs to our RobotStudio / VIRC5 software test lab. We would like to buy the PCs that best represent the PCs of our users. In order to get that information we would like you to answer three simple questions

1) What PC are you using for RobotStudio / VIRC5?
    - Which year was the PC bought?
    - Brand?
    - Laptop or desktop?
    - AMD or Intel CPU?
    - CPU speed?
    - Gfx card and gfx mem size? (e.g. ATI, Nvidia, Intel, etc. and model)
    - RAM size?
    - When do you plan to replace the PC?

2) At the time when the PC was bought, was it a high-end, medium-end, or low-end PC?

3) Have you experienced any hardware related problem when using RobotStudio/VIRC5 on the above PC?
    - In that case, what was the problem?
    - Has the problem been solved? In that case, how?

Thank you for your participation.image


Henrik Berlin

ABB Automation Technologies AB / Robotics
Industrial Software Division


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