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Error [WebWare Server]

HI Could someone explain what`s wrong when i get this message .        It comes when i look at  WebWare Server State

COM Error Code = 80040e37 Code meaning = IDispatch error #3127 Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Description = Invalid object name 'DeviceLog.dbo.DevLog Version'



  • Hi Ronny,

    There is a problem with your connection to the SQL database that WWS read and writes. What version of WWS are you using?

    If you did not install MS SQL Server 2000 prior to the installation of WebWare Server, and you used the default installation location, verify that your database configuration settings match the following:

    SQL Server Name:<hostname of WebWare Server PC>   
    SQL Instance: WebWareSQL
    Database Location: C:Program FilesABB AutomationWebWare ServerRobotDataDeviceLog.mdf
    Authentication Type:  SQL Server
    User Name: sa  
    Password: webware
    Retype Password: webware 

    If changes are necessary, enter the correct settings and then press the Set Configuration button, then restart the PC to see if the connection was re-established. Note: any changes to the db configuration must be made at the server, not from a client PC. If the settings are OK, please restart the PC and re-check the connection status.

    If MS SQL Server 2000 was already installed on the system prior to the installation of WebWare Server, then the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE) was not installed and configured during the installation, and the user must configure their instance of SQL Server 2000 to host the WebWare database. Please refer to page 6-14 of the WebWare Server Installation and Setup Guide for information about setting up SQL Server 2000.

    Russell Drown