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Robot Studio 5.06 CD?


I just got the Robot Studio 5.06 package with manual, CD and some instructions to the subscription service. I wanted to install Robot Studio, but the content on the CD is just Robot Application Builder with PC SDK, but no Robot Studio. There is Robot Studio 5.06 printed onto the CD, so it should be the right one. Is that a joke? Where do I get Robot Studio now asap?

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Lohengrin Administrator38687,5386226852
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  • Hello,
    Unforunately we have identified a few incorrect deliveries for RobotStudio 5.06-cd's.
    The cd looks ok with a RobotStudio 5.06 label on it, but the software on the cd is RobotApplication Builder 5.06.
    We will send out new RobotStudio 5.06 cd's to the customers that can have been affected of this. It will be delivered from Sweden today by express courier.
    We are really sorry for all inconvenience this might have caused any of you.
    Just to verify, Lohengrin, please e-mail your ordernumber to me ([email protected]) and I will make sure that you will receive a new cd a.s.a.p.
    //Christine Wageborn
  • Ok, thanks, I did that.
    All the best,
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