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No way to display real value inside numericUpDown?


Here is what I wanna do :

- read a rapid data from a num. eg : 45.5
- display it on a numeric Up&Down control

When the action to read the rapid data is done, the numeric UpDown control display : 455 (the value without decimal dot). I tried the same thing with an application variables type dnum but the result is the same.

Can someone help?

Norberg Thibaud
Wow Company s.a.


  • Hello Norberg,

    Could you tell which version of RobotWare you are using and the PC/FlexPendant language settings being used.
    Are the results that has been described in your post on Virtual FlexPendant or Real FlexPendant.


  • Its better to mention that which robotware you are using to make it form