Custom Weave


I'm looking at the possibility of programming a custom weave for our shop. I have a couple questions for the forum. My knowledge on the subject is very limited, I am an entry level Robot programmer and I've been doing it for a couple months now, mostly through RobotStudio.
Is a custom weave possible?
Is it complicated or can it be done through Robot Studio to make it easier?
Is there a manual or reference material that shows how this can be done?
Assuming a custom weave isn't possible, is there a way to "manually" program a weld path to simulate a weave like effect?


  • Hey Ghostman, I'm at the same crossroads that you were at 4 years ago. Have you had any luck with this problem, or does anyone else have any guidance to offer?

    I'm currently looking at interrupts to achieve this, but not getting anywhere fast. Another approach would be to find where the default four weaves are defined, copy and modify to suit my needs. However I can not yet found the definition for the defaults.
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    Good suggestion of a custom move instruction here: