Latest Robot Studio Sys. Req.

Hello, could some one please tell me what the system requirements are for the latest robot studio are? Better yet, could someone tell me where to find the installation and user's guides or attach them in a post? I am trying to convince my company to purchase it. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I'm also arguing with my IT dept to be allowed to update my workstation to XP Pro. form Win2000. Will the latest version work correctly in Win2000? Are there advantages to running on an XP platform?

Thank you kindly for your time..





  • RussD
    RussD United States

    Are you talking about the 5.x version of Robot Studio, which I think is for the IRC5 only I believe, or the 3.x version.

    Note: I'm not an RS guy, but I can probably find the info you're looking for. Response to your posting might otherwise be slow this time of year.

    Russell Drown
  • Hey RussD

    Yes, it's for the latest Robot studio 3.X for S4 controllers



  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod

    Hi R.K,

    Here are the platform and hardware requirements for RobotStudio 3.2 (copied from the release note document) 

    Software requirements

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 or higher.
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 or higher.
    $TEMP folder must exist (e.g. c: emp).
    The VRML Cad Converter requires that Microsoft Virtual Machine is installed.

    Note: Windows service-packs can be downloaded from

    Recommended hardware

    CPU: Pentium III or higher
    Memory: 512 MB RAM or more
    Free disc-space: 500+ MB on the system disk.
    250+ MB on the installation disk.
    Graphics card: A high performance graphics card with OpenGL support.
    Examples for stationary PCs: 3Dlabs Wildcat III 6110, NVIDIA Quadro4
    900 XGL, ATI FireGL 8800
    Examples for laptops: NVIDIA GeForce4 Go (available e.g. in Toshiba
    Satellite 5005-S507), ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (available e.g. in Dell
    Inspiron 8100), ATI Mobility FireGL 7800 (available e.g. in IBM A31p).
    Display settings: Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
    Colors: Windows 2000/XP 256 or higher
    Mouse: Three button mouse
    You can not download a demo version of RobotStudio, but on this site will you find information about RobotStudio:
    You can also contact ABB in Canada for information.
    Anders S38708,5827662037
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • Thank you kindly for all your replies/info. I'll take it then that it should work equally well on XP as on Windows 2000, hence there will be no need for me to update.