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Thanks for the help so far,with my previous problems.

A new one comes here:

Can i export the datas that i create in my report manager?

Is it possible to export them over to MS Exel for example? I want to make different kinds of diagrams etc..





  • RussD
    RussD United States

    Hello Ronny,

    Probably the simplest method would be as follows (this applies to a data table):

    1. Display the desired report with the WebWare client.

    2. Select all of the data in the table and do a "ctrl+C", i.e. copy.

    3. Paste this data into a Word document, save the page as html.

    4. Open Excel, select Data>Import Data then browse to the html file.

    5. Follow the steps for importing data and format as necessary.

    I did this in Office 2003, I expect Office 2000 and later should work similarly.

    Russell Drown