Robotware 5.14.02 Webware 4.7 Communication Issue [WebWare SDK]



I have used Webware SDK Version 4.7 for several years in a Visual Basic application.  Up until this week we have successfully communicated with S4C+ and IRC5 controllers over 100+ machines.  We recently updated an IRC5 controller to Robotware version 5.14.02, prior to this upgrade our application communicated with the controller.  After the upgrade we cannot communicate and the Interlink monitor state remains at 'Initializing'.  I can connect to the controller in RobotStudio from the same computer.



Product - Webware SDK 4.7 with SP1 Applied

Exact Version - C:Program FilesCommon FilesABB AutomationInterLinkInterlinkMonitor.exe -

Exact Version - C:Program FilesCommon FilesABB AutomationInterLinkinterlink.exe -

Robotware - RW5.14.02

Operating System - WinXP Version 2002, Service Pack 3


Thanks to anyone that can help.


  • WebWare SDK 4.7 was verified with S4C+ RobotWare version 4.0.121 and IRC5 RobotWare version - per the release notes - WebWare products will not support or communicate with IRC5 past 5.12.02 with WebWare Version 4.9 - please contact your local ABB representative to see if an upgrade is available. There is no webware product that will support 5.14 - for these later robotware releases you should be using the free PC SDK for RobotWare included with your Robot Studio.
    Thomas H. Johnston
    PACs Application Engineer