Communication between PC & ABB IRB140T [WebWare Server]


Respected Sir,

I want to setup a communication link in between my PC & ABB IRB140T
robot.As per information i got about Webware i want to know whether it
will support our cause .

Kindly give me some more details about Webware & its applications,cost &
other important specifications.

I also want to know whether i can get the trial version of Webware SDK or
Can i get some training about it uses & application?

Thanking you.


  • John Wiberg

    Hi sshailendra123,

    Since the IRB 140T normally has an IRC5 controller I don't think WebWare is the way to go.
    WebWare was designed for S4C controllers and is made for old Windows platforms.
    Depending on what type of communication you need your options vary. So give us a rundown of your needs and we should be able to point you in the right direction.
    Most of them revolve around RobotStudio - a software which is free to download and use. You can find out more about that following this link.
    You could ask your local ABB contact for the [Robot communication and I/O control] manual, which goes through most of the different types of communications you could do. It's product number is 3HAC020435.