Unload a module with PCSDK

Hello everybody ,
I'm traying to develop my first app with PC SDK and I would like to know if is it possible delete or "unload" a module from a virtual controller in RobotStudio or real controller in a real robot ( in a similar but opposite way of the command  "tasks[0].LoadModuleFromFile("2.mod", RapidLoadMode.Add);" )

thank you


  • Short reply:
    [quote="PC SDK reference manual"]ABB Robotics IRC5 PC SDK
    Delete Method

    PC SDK ?-? ABB.Robotics.Controllers.RapidDomain ?-? Module ?-? Delete()

    Deletes the module from the memory of the controller. 

    Declaration Syntax
    C# Visual Basic          public void Delete()     Public Sub Delete

    Requires mastership of Rapid domain. Requires the LoadRapidProgram grant. [/quote]

    There is also a deleteprogram function on the task object.
  • Thanks, was having similar problems..
  • Can I save that module to the same location where I load it from before deleting from the memory of the controller?