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Have a problems when i try open the FP Project

    Hello everyone,

I'm developing a project for school and I'm using  RobotStudio and want to develop an application for FlexPendant but I am not able to save as FlexPendantProject. When I try to open it in Visual Studio 2008, the Project FlexPendant an error.
I'm using RobotStudio/ ScreenMaker 5.14.2039.
When I open the FlexPendant Project in Visual Studio 2008 this image appears.

I carry the libraries that are with warning triangles.
And I do everything as explains FlexPendant SDK manual. Pages 65 to 67 from the manual.

When I try to "View Designer" appears the following error.


Please help me! I donA't know how I solve this problem.

I have tried in RobotStudio 5.13 but appear the same error.

Best regards

karreira892012-05-22 17:15:08


  • Hello,

    Could you go through the Release Notes of RobotStudio and ScreenMaker limitations. 

    A workaround is mentioned related to the  above problem.
    Try to follow the steps and see if it helps.