Problems Using Interlink on Mult Pc’s [WebWare SDK]

Firstly Hello! I'm Nick and I have slightly less hair now then when I started down this route!

We are using WebWare SDK 4.6 on PC's running XP SP2 and Interlink Ver 4.60032 we are talking (trying too) IRB 66 /2.8175 type B software level 3HAC6811-2.18 0863 system pack 4. The RAP is 990506-930.

We are having intermittent problems with the Interlink connection. Some PC's will connect to the robot and we can often have 2 out of three making the connection but then will hang on the initialising stage of the connection if you have the Interlink monitor open.

Has anyone else experienced this and are there any hints or tips when making multiple connections to an individual robot

Nick Bradley


  • Hi
    You should NOT have interlink communicating thru the same robot from multiple pc's. This will give you problems

    If you want to read/write data from other pc's you need to write a distributed application (like WebWare server) where one pc serves as the communication link to the robot.

    Per Svensson
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    We want to establish a communication link in between our PC (linux)& our robot ( IRB "140T "/2.8175 type B software level 3HAC6811-2.18 0863 system pack 4.0.)

    Whether purchasing webware sdk (INTERLINK)will help us to interface our PC(linux) with robot through C/C++.

    whether webware(interlink) will be sufficient for our objective?

    From where we can get that?

    What may be its price?

    Can we directlty download it from internet?

  • Hello

    Unfortunately webware work only in Windows machine and officially supported in Windows XP or Windows server 2003.


    To get Webware sdk , contact your local ABB Robotics representative


    Best regards