Problems with picks Upp


I have to do some program in robot studio and i stucked .

I can't pick upp the block , i try to do this like it is in the tutorial (rs glue) but my robot is moving along the path but is not picking upp the block,

When i go to program editor it doesn't show me the function gripit?? ( i've choosen setDo and it doesnt show me the signal to do like in tutorial - gripit)

we have problems with inputs and outputs, how to do them in robotstudio??

Can someone explain me this function please?? I mean how to pick up something??

Regards Dominik

fazutan2006-3-12 12:36:57


  • Hi
    To setup pick/Place you need to define what should trigger the event and what should happen when the event occur in the Event Table... found under menu Simulation.

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