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RS5.07 Locks up my Laptop

I have recently installed RS 5.07 and every time I attempt to import a robot library or start a system my computer locks up just as it seems RS is trying to import the robot model. 

Any suggestions??

I am running and IBM T43p laptop:

  • 2.00GHz Pentium Processor
  • 1.00GB RAM
  • 15GB Free space on the HD
  • ATI Mobility FireGL V3200 Video Card with 128MB Ram
  • Video Card is set to 1280x1024 and 96dpi
  • Running Windows XP SP2

Any help would be great.

Kind Regards!

Kind Regards,
Steve Phelps


  • Hi Steve,

    We would suggest that you configure your ATI Adapter with the following settings:
    Open the ATI Adapter properties dialog which can be found under:
    Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced.
    Select the ATI Configuration tab. Add a new Configuration Profile with the following options enabled:

    - Force copy swap
    - Wait for vertical retrace
    - Enable OpenGL acceleration

    Also make sure that you have version of that particular driver.

    Kind Regards
    Fredrik Syr?n
    Program Manager
    ABB Automation Technologies
  • This information also helped me. I was also locking up.

    I have an IBM T42p with an ATI Mobility Fire GL T2

  • I have the same problem.

    You have to download a patch from windows. It can switch between two different way of using your graphic card accelerator.

    ABB software support can help you

    Ask for this document "RS5.07.1688.Direct3D_Patch(A1.0).pdf"

    and this patch "RS5.07.1688.Direct3D_Patch(A1.0).zip"


    Frendly regards


    Henri van de Kolk
    Robot Engeneer
    Harderwijk, Netherlands
  • Hy,  I had the same problem, but changing my display settings didn't help. I'm using T43p with 2G RAM and FireGL v3200 with 256MB RAM.

    Problem solved by changing rendering in RS -> Tools -> Options -> Graphics -> Performance

    Hope this helps somebody else to.

    thank you Bill