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Conveyor and .NET in RobotStudio 5.07

Dear RobotStudio User,

I would like to know whether there is a way to simulate conveyor in RobotStudio 5.07. How to use .NET in RobotStudio 5.07? Can it work like macro in RobotStudio version 3?


BoonHua Ang


  • Dear RobotStudio User,

    Conveyor tracking is not supported in RobotStudio 5.07.

    There is no IDE in RobotStudio 5.07 and therefore you can't create macros like in RS 3.2. An IDE will probably be available in 5.08.

    But, since RobotStudio 5.07 has an API you can develop your own add-ins using a regular development tool, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Kind Regards

    Fredrik Syr?n
    Program Manager
    ABB Automation Technologies