RS 3.2 and S4C+ programming


I am niewcomer on robotics. I have a system made of IRB 1400 and S4C+ controler. Also I have RS 3.2 software, with it I've made very siple program, where the robot is moving along 4 targets. I also added this path to program window  (by "syc to virtual controller") and draged to main procedure. Then I check my mprogram on ProgramMaker and it says that syntax and program is ok. I would like to know, which files I should uploud to controller (S4C+) that I could realize in reality.

Is it enougth to upload *.prg and *.mod files of my station? I made like that, but contoller says that some kind pInitial and routine is wrong.

Please recomend me what I should do, or maybe there is some kind of documents where I could find and read step by step RS3.2 and S4C+ programming? Meybe there are some exaples on internet?


thnx in advance


  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod

    What you should upload to your controller depend on what you already
    have in the controller. For example should you not add the main
    procedure from RS if there already is a main procedure in the

    I recommend that you only upload the program module (*.mod) from
    RobotStudio. Make sure that the data names in the module not already
    are used in the controller.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • sturner
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    pInitial is a robtarget created and held within the TcpData.mod, this would have been dumped from memory when loading a new '.prg' Main program module... restore a program that was using BullsEye or reload your TcpData module again and run the SetupBulleye routine. pInitial is defined at end of setup at aprox 400 mm above the bullseye just after the warning that the robot is about to move!!

    Ideally you would be best to put any tool and workobject datas into system modules in both virtual and real controller and not transfere this information... only the reference to these in the instructions.

    Hope this helps

  • dondez
    dondez Lithuania
    thanx you helped me alot image robot is moving image
  • Dear Mr Dondez,

    I'm a newcomer on industrial robotic also, but I don't have the R.S 3.2 so can you give me this software? I really need software to do the master thesis. Many thanks for your have.

  • Hi
    You can buy the software from your local ABB office.

    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products