RS 3.2 and S4C+ programming


I am niewcomer on robotics. I have a system made of IRB 1400 and S4C+ controler. Also I have RS 3.2 software, with it I've made very siple program, where the robot is moving along 4 targets. I also added this path to program window  (by "syc to virtual controller") and draged to main procedure. Then I check my mprogram on ProgramMaker and it says that syntax and program is ok. I would like to know, which files I should uploud to controller (S4C+) that I could realize in reality.

Is it enougth to upload *.prg and *.mod files of my station? I made like that, but contoller says that some kind pInitial and routine is wrong.

Please recomend me what I should do, or maybe there is some kind of documents where I could find and read step by step RS3.2 and S4C+ programming? Meybe there are some exaples on internet?


thnx in advance


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