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O'Really? Wisconsin, USA
We are currenly looking into updating a robot workcell (safeties, new base for robot, new tooling for parts, etc.). We would like to use RobotStudio to determine whether or not an IRB 1400 would have enough reach to hit all points on our parts. However my company does not have a liscense for RobotStudio and will not likely purchase one. Does ABB have a service where they would determine that a project is feasible?

I know they will set up an entire workcell, but our engineers and plant managers like to keep all new machine building in house. If anyone has any information on this I would really appreciate it.





  • Henrik Berlin
    Henrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭

    Hi Matt,


    The IRB 1400 is supported by IRC5 controller that can be programmed using RobotStudio 5.15. You can download RobotStudio 5.15 from There is a 30-day trial that should
    give you enough time to analyze the reach of the IRB 1400. Since the IRB 1400
    is not available for new orders with the IRC5 controller, it is not visible in
    the gallery of available robots. But the robot library of the IRB 1400 is
    installed with RobotStudio 5.15. You need to browse to the file using
    "Import Library" to get it into your station. Then use "Robot
    System -> From Layout" to create the matching controller system.

    The RAPID code of the IRC5 controller is compatible (in most
    cases) with the S4/S4C/S4C+ controller but not the configuration files (SYSPAR
    / CFG). This means you can actually offline program your old robot using
    RobotStudio 5.15. Create your program, save the module and load it into the
    real controller.

    RobotStudio 5.x has a much more attractive business model
    than the RobotStudio for S4. RobotStudio 5.x is available with an affordable,
    annual, subscription.

    Henrik Berlin2012-12-13 14:34:53
    Henrik Berlin
  • O'Really?
    O'Really? Wisconsin, USA
    Great info, thanks. This is a much better option for someone who does all their own machine building/commissioning. I will give the free download a try and let you all know how it goes!

    Thanks again,

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