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How to find my IRC5 robot controllers in Manage?

RobotStudio Online Manage lists all IRC5 controllers available on the local network. If you run on a tablet, you may want to make your controllers available through a wireless network (WLAN).

Things to consider when setting up your wireless factory network:
  • Use an industrial grade wireless router
    Home use routers may work initially but will eventually fail due to the tough environment in the workshop. Use of professional routers will quickly pay-off.

  • Hide your network ID (SSID)
    Hiding the SSID will prevent unauthorized users to try and connect to the WLAN.

  • Use the most advanced encryption available on the router.
    Choose the most advanced encryption method supported by both your PCs / tablets and the router.

  • Use a strong password
    To make it harder for unathorized users to connect to the WLAN.

  • Configure the User Authorization System on your IRC5 controllers.
    Remove all rights for the 'Default User' on the controller, and define a hierarchy of user levels for various tasks. Ensure that users with access to the controllers have the proper training in robotics and safety.

Henrik Berlin2012-12-21 16:33:43
Henrik Berlin