DC Link short circuit

After having moved a 140 rack mount robot and upgraded it to 5.14.03 we now have an error.
1. Estop chainis fine (activated by pilz - seems fine)
2. Motors on pressed.
3. I can hear a relay switching, and then there is a DC busbar error message.

"Event 39483
DC Link Short circuit
DC Link drive module 1 ...."

Does anyone have a clue as to what is wrong?

I have pulled out the supply bar from the black psu to the servo driver board, seems fine.

Nothing is smells bad, look burned or anything else.

Btw, can it be caused by an emi problem, seems like the electrician has skipped the filter from Tyco completely during reinstall.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • Laro88Laro88 Denmark
    The resolution was trivial, the error message not....

    The electrician who had fitted the new electrical panel had removed the transformer and wired 3x400v directly to the DC stage since the wiring diagram says 262 / 480v or something similar - so he was not concerned about providing 400v to it.

    The error message however is a bit off - there is no short circuit or anything!

    My guess is that there is a current sensing circuit that is triggered due to the higher voltage than expected and this causes the problem.... It probably should check for voltages as well and report an error situation there.

    Cheers, back to business image

  • steve42steve42 United Kingdom ✭✭

    I think the wiring diagram was suggesting 262v AC OR 480V ac as the voltages are dependant on robot type. mostly it's 262V ac but there are a few mechanical robot arms (6400C) that have the higher voltage.
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