Teach Pendent Blocking on S4 Robots

O'Really? Wisconsin, USA
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 We ran into an issue in the plant last week where an operator or programmer blocked the weaving ability on an acrwelding robot through the teach pendent. (in the program window, under the arcweld tab, choose blocking.) We had a production run that was out of spec. Management has charged us with finding a way to keep this from happening again.


Is there a way to enable the robot to check whether a blocking function is being used, and if so, is there some type of RAPID code I could write up to prevent this from happening again?


Robot is S4, IRB1400 with 2.1 software,


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I'm thinking something along these lines...


PROC Check_Blocking()
      IF OpMode()=1 AND (weld is inhibited through teach pendent) =TRUE AND diWld_Inh=0 THEN
        (weld is inhibited through teach pendent):=FALSE;


However i'm not sure that there is a data type for the blocking thru the teachpendent. Also, not sure if this would have to be an event routine (when turned to auto mode), or if i would have to put in into the robot MainRoutine.
O'Really?2013-03-04 13:41:41


  • RStevens
    RStevens Netherlands

    You can check if the welding, weaving and tracking  is blocked by a system variable
          IF awinhibit=[FALSE,FALSE,TRUE] THEN
            TPReadFK FK1,"Tracking blocked, Continue?",stEmpty,stEmpty,"Unblock",stEmpty,"OK";
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  • O'Really?
    O'Really? Wisconsin, USA
    Exactly what i was looking for. Created the Proc and downloaded yesterday, works great!

    thanks again,

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