Robtarget Array Limitations

LiamGwallaceLiamGwallace South England

I am looking to store my program path in an array of robtargets. But my S4C robot is limiting the size of my array. I would like it to be something like 20*10*2 but i am having to use multiple arrays of smaller sizes e.g,





Is there a way I can have more elements in my array?


Is there a way I can do like a call by var for robtargets?


Many thanks




  • MarcelMarcel Switzerland ✭✭
    Hi Liam

    I once had a problem with S4C where the array was limited to 1000 characters each. So there were only a few robtargets possible in one array. Later on the limitation was extended to 10000 characters. So if you could limit your arrays to just the translation part with pos datatyp and limited number of digits after the comma you could have much more data in one array. Befor using the positions you have to add the orientation and all the other needed data.


    Could that help?


    Best regards


  • LiamGwallaceLiamGwallace South England
    Yea, that makes a lot of sense. Most of the external axis data and config stuff is all the same. The points for each section are pretty close.

    I could just use an approach position for each section to give me the conf and eax stuff.


    I checked the program on one of our IRC5s and it worked OK with the big array. Its just a shame the cubicle I do all the development on is an S4. Guess thats just the way it goes.


    Many Thanks




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