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I have been trying to create Smart_Component which can move multiple objects at the same time or one after another. Is there any way to do it? Queue component is not really working that well. I am adding objects to queue, then i move, for example 5 objects, after i have done it i have 0 objects in Queue because i have to Dequeue, to access next object. Then i move away 1 object with robot, and create new at the end of the queue, but even then i got only 1 object. Only way i can again fill the queue is to do it manually by setting Back object and enqueue it. If i want to do it automatically, then its not working. is there any way how can i access array of objects not actually removeing them from array?

I hope i made my idea clear enough :).

Any help will be appreciate, Best Regards


  • Hi,

    Instead of the queue you can add the objects you should move together into a "Component Group". To do that you should use the base Component "SetParent".

    In the Pack&Go "RandomSource demo statio" I have put on RobotApps-Pack & Go, I do this to move objects on an out feeder.
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • Hi I am Having this exact issue. Could you send me the pack and Go so can see how to use the "SetParent" component? Thank you