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Smart components tutorial

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I'm trying to jump into smart components for a lot of simulations we're doing here, and I'm finding it difficult to wrap my head around them.

Is there a tutorial, or someone willing to make one, out there?  I mainly need to use the attacher in a lot of simulations for changing changing tools and picking up various items.

What really begins to confuse me is the concept of parents/children, but that's not to say a summation of the entire process wouldn't be helpful.  Believe me it would.

The vacuum gripper tutorial by ABB looks useful but without someone explaining why they do some of the things they do in the video, it's difficult to apply that to scenarios that deviate from the example.  Also it looks like they're linking it up to an i/o signal the user can control, but I need to make things happen in a simulation without my interaction.

Thanks for any help!


  • Henrik Berlin
    Henrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭

    There are no other tutorials published than the one you have already looked at. But you can download the station that the tutorial is based on to have a closer look. It is available on RobotApps.

    The I/O signals of the smart components are connected to the controller. The I/Os are controlled from the RAPID code. There is no user intervention other than when designing and testing the smart components.

    As for parent / child relationships they are added to create some structure in the SmartComponents.



    Henrik Berlin