Event Messages Log to Event Log

Is there a way to get Event Messages to log to the Event logs?  An example of a Event Message that I would like to have logged to the RAPID Log Event is:

Event Message
Error in T_ROB1 - MainModule - Line 33

Reference to unknown procedure TestProcedure

It then says Data for this message is not saved in any robot controller event log.  If acknowledged the message will be removed.

I want this to get logged to some Event log so I can see the event logs later and know if someone was trying to change the program.  Which Module they were trying to change and what line it happened on.  Is there a way to get this information?



  • John Wiberg


    Don't think that is possible. RobotWare drops that information just like it says in the Acknowledge screen. Instead you get the 40160 RAPID error.


  • RickMorrow
    I have a IRB2600 ABB robot Arc Welder, w a fronius controller, I was teaching some circle welds with no issues in manual. 4 in a row 31mm in diameter. When I played through the routine after teaching and checking, I recieved a fatal process error event message 110100 at the end of the arc/end ArcSL\off. This happens at each ArcSL\off. I also, have no gas currently hooked up and no wire feed working to the head of the robot feeder. 
    Equipment: WF60i on axis 6 fronius (brand new); WF25i reel feeder outside the cell Fronius (brand new); TPS500i Fronius Weld Controller (Barnd new); ABB new robot; Abb wrote the software also. Tried Tech support but they have very few Arc welding specialist. 
    Can anyone help me out??? Thanks in advance!
  • matti
    Hallo, you say no gas/wire, because it is not connected or it is connected but not operated?
    When error occurs, the arc is switched on or off?