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[PC SDK] Get RAPID errors

DavidLanham ✭✭
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I have been having a discussion on another forum thread and it was suggested that I put my idea here for addition to future releases of PC SDK.  So my suggestion is allow the developer to request the controller check the RAPID program and then return any errors that it found.  This would help when loading a program or a module to allow the developer to check and make sure that there was no errors with the program or module that they loaded.  What would be awesome is if when the controller checks the RAPID program that it would return a string array with all the errors that it found and these errors would contain the Task, Module, Line number, column number and a description of what the error was.  Then we could display this information for the operator and they could go through one error at a time and fix the program or module.

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David Lanham

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  • Niklas Skoglund
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    Hi David, thanks for your suggestion. I have modified the title a bit so that it contains a description of the feature.

    Two ideas:

    1) Return the error collection from Task.LoadModule() somehow. 

    2) New method Task.CheckProgram() that you can call when you want. It would cause the program to be built (parsed and linked) and then tell you the result.

    I guees if you get 2) you would also want 1).

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  • Niklas,
    Yes I would like Option 2 but I would also like Option 1.  Either one will work.  I know something like this will take time, but if you had to guess would the change be released this year or next year?  No hurry just trying to get a idea of when I might be able to add this feature.

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  • Niklas,
    Just wanted to check in and see if there has been any development on this idea?


  • Niklas,
    Wanted to bump this question to the top again.   Any progress?

  • Niklas,
    Wanted to bump this question to the top again.   Any progress?

  • Niklas,
    Wanted to bump this question to the top again.  Any Progress?

  • Niklas,
    So it's been more than a year since we started this discussion and no response from you or anybody at ABB.  So I am guessing this is not going to happen?  I would appreciate
    some kind of response from you or somebody at ABB.  If nothing else just to say we thought about it and we are not going to incorporate these changes.

  • I will bring it up on my next meeting with R&D so you at least get a reply.
  • Niklas & John,
    So I came back to check on this to see if I had a answer and I see that there is still no response.  John what did you find out?

  • Hi David,

    To get in direct contact with ABB I would recommend you to get in touch with your local ABB Robotics Service representative. Check on to get the name of your local contact. Or, if you already have an established contact locally, you can use him or her. Your local representative will log a support ticket that will be taken care of by our product support team.

    As for your speific question, I am not the right person to answer as I am not an expert in application development. Moving the item to Developer Center.

    Henrik Berlin