Machining templates FC_PressureProcess and FC_SpeedChangeProcess are not available

I installed Machining PowerPac, and only one template -- NormalProcess -- is available.
In Operating Manual Machining PowerPac it is written the FC_PressureProcess and FC_SpeedChangeProcess are available if the Force Control option is not selected in the current system, but I can't find how to do it. 
Prompt as enable this feature.


  • Christian_Goy

    Open the system builder, select your virtual system, add the option ForceControl, create a station with this system and use I-Start to activate the new option

    Observer, that all program modules and system parameters will be gone after an I-Start.

    If you have used a backup of a real system that does not contain the force control option, you need to create new system with a virtual key, as you may not add options to real controller keys....