RobotStudio S4

lloyd912lloyd912 United Kingdom
I would like to use robotstudio S4 in my windows 8 but I'm hesitant because though it work in my windows xp computer(which I previously used) it may not work in windows 8. Can Robot Studio S4 will work in windows 8 or do you have latest version that can work in windows 8?


  • Christian_GoyChristian_Goy Germany ✭✭

    Officially Robotstudio 4 will never be upgraded to run on newer OS than WinXP.

    I have heard that it works nevertheless, if you use only virtual systems with OS 4.0 (not 2.1 or 3.x), on win7, but not sure if that is only the case for 32 bit version and

    support for it is not guaranteed.

    Anyhow you will have to shift your license to the new PC... (email with your license request and containing your license ID to [email protected])



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