Recording Simulations!

I'm trying to do a simulation on my Robot Studio 3.2 and I've a lot of question... in summary, what's the best configuration to record avi files with a small file size and good appearance and animation?
1. Should I use AVI Capture Add-in or Camtasia Recorder?
2. On the AVI Capture Options window , at the Propertiers field, whats configurations should I mark? Look the movie called AVI_OPTION that I attached to look around the configurations that I'm using:
What's the best configuration to Compression Control? (AVI OPTIONS -> VIDEO PROPERTIES -> CONFIGURE)
Should I mark Key Frame Every [ ] frames? If I mark this, whats number of frame should I use? (AVI OPTIONS -> VIDEO PROPERTIES)
What's values should I use in Capture Frame Rate and Playback Frame Rate? Should I mark the option Use optimal Frame Rate?
When I finished my record, and opened my video I can see everything too slow...... so, I tried to use Camtasia Studio to increase the clip speed....
3. Camtasia Producer can increase the clip speed. How much do you do that? 500% of original clip speed? 900%?
4. Do you use the same Record Configurations when you're using Fly Through Recorder?
5. About the Update Rate, must be 0 all the time during the recording? or 6? or other value?
Could you help me ?! Please!!! image
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  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod
    Here are the settings I normally use:

    1. AVI Capture Addin.

    2. Fixed region 1024x768.

    Video Properties - Compressor = TechSmtih Screen Capture.

    Capture Frame Rate between 5 and 10  (depending on the size of the RS station).

    Playback Frame Rate between 5 and 30 (depending on what "clip speed"
    you want, e.g. if the Capture rate is 5 and Playback rate 10 will the
    "clip Speed" be double the "RS speed".

    3. Change the Capture rate instead.

    4. Yes.

    5. Between 0 and 3 (depending on the size of the station).

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics