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Bad connections or something else?


We have some problems with ABB 6400R and S4C+ controller. When I'm jogging the robot or after completed program, it might just stop and give some errors. First, I hear the sound that the controller goes to MOTORS OFF state. Then I have an error 20311: Enable 1 open. Then after ten seconds or so I will have an error 20012: Sys failure state active. After this I have to do the warm start to be able to operate the robot again.

I examined the logs and I found lots of errors number 38033: Transmission warning between the axis computer and serial measurement system 1. I checked the connector R1.SMB from the base of the robot and it was quite oxidized.

What could cause these problems? Is this bad connector a cause of the error 38033 and is this also connected to the rest of the errors or is there something else?

In addition, I have had the following errors:
MC0: com_h.c 1052 fail ipc queue (ipc slot 28 is full)
MC0: um_destr.c 246 Object not destroyed WINDOW=0,A=2 c:3 1 != 0
MC0: cabts.c 6807 Elog cancel event failed

The MC0 is a microprocessor, isn't it? I would appreciate if someone could explain me the reason of these errors, also.


  • Hello, I have the following error "System Failure state active - 20012" with my C30 controller from ABB. I would like to know how to fix (remove) this error.