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Execute movement instruction from FP app.

Hello all,

One of the commands in the application I am working on tells the robot to execute a movement instruction in manual mode. This is done by setting a bool rapid variable on user's request, which is being polled by a rapid routine which, in its turn, tells the rapid program to execute the movement. In order to accomplish this, the user must turn motors on and start the execution of the program.

However, the "run" key only works if the current TpsView shows the cursor (e.g. Production Window), so the user is forced to leave the User Application screen in order to move the robot, which is a great waste of time.

Is there a way to execute movement instructions from a user application screen?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Yolanda Casas


  • You can configure this setting, in RW 5.07 and higher, under Control Panel>System>Additional Test View.

    Simply enter the name of your application's main class as described above the text box on the form. If I'm not mistaken, this value will be the same as parameter #5 (Class Name) in the TpsView attibute of your assembly.

    Note: you can also configure the view that is displayed, i.e. something other than Production Window, when you change the controller operating mode. This setting is also found under Control Panel>System>, as "View On Operating Mode Change". 

    RussD2006-6-19 18:50:30
    Russell Drown

  • I am trying to set up the "Additional Test View" so that program execution will start when my FlexPendant application is active.   What should I enter in the Control Panel/System/Additional Test View textbox to make my application start? The previous response makes me believe that I would enter parameter #5 which is "TpsViewRimrock.TpsViewRimrock", but that doesn't work. Below is a copy of my assembly......Thanks, Debbie
    Assembly: ABB.Robotics.Tps.Taf.TpsView("Rimrock", "RimrockR_v32.bmp", "RimrockR_v16.bmp", "TpsViewRimrock.dll", "TpsViewRimrock.TpsViewRimrock", StartPanelLocation.Left, TpsViewType.Static, "TpsViewStartupTypes.Automatic")>




  • I was able to answer my own question.  The Robot Program now executes when the operator presses the Start Button when my FlexPendant Application is active.Following is what I typed into Control Panel/System/Additional Test View.


  • FYI, in 5.08 and higher the system will produce a list of the available assemblies for you, all you have to do is check the ones you want to use.
    Russell Drown