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How İ communicate C# and Robot Studio Virtual Controller

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Hello everybody<br>my problem is that i didnt comminicate c# and robotstudio. <br> I write a interface for robot (real) but i need making some changes using robot studio. Now i will what i do step by step<br>1) open robot studio and add new robot with virtual controller <br>2) syncronize virtual controller and robot<br>3) then i read fallowing link <br><a href=";OpenDocument&amp;Url=../RobotCommunicationAppManual/doc26.html">;OpenDocument&amp;Url=../RobotCommunicationAppManual/doc26.html</a&gt; <br>this.scanner = new NetworkScanner<br>this.scanner.Scan();<br>ControllerInfoCollection controllers = scanner.Controllers;<br>foreach (ControllerInfo controllerInfo in controllers)<br> {<br>item = new ListViewItem(controllerInfo.IPAddress.ToString());<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.Id);<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.Availability.ToString());<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.IsVirtual.ToString());<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.SystemName);<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.Version.ToString());<br>item.SubItems.Add(controllerInfo.ControllerName);<br>this.listView1.Items.Add(item);<br>item.Tag = controllerInfo;<br>}<br>But c# didnt connect robot studio. i don't see any robot in listview ? i make mistake but in where? please help me
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    Hello, maybe you forget to add the option pc interface to your virtual robot.

    Did you create a new system using your robot backup? And then create a new cell using this new system, only then you have an exact copy of your real robot with same options.



  • thankss peter i solved the problem thanks a lot:)