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64-Bit PowerPacs

<p>Hi there,</p><p>I haven't read about this elsewhere, but are there any plans to update the PowerPacs to run under the 64-bit version of RobotStudio?</p><p>Cheers,</p><p>Shaun.</p>


  • Hi Shaun!

    Thanks for asking ;). There are plans. And not only plans. There is also a fair amount of action.

    In order to support 64-bit PowerPacs we have had to refactor the entire PC SDK components so that it runs on a 64-bit OS. This has been done and we are are now in testing phase.

    I'm not in a position to tell exactly which PowerPacs will support 64-bit in the 5.60 release this autumn, so I'll pass this question over to the PowerPac teams.


    Best Regards, Niklas Skoglund
    ABB Robotics

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  • Hello Shaun,

    Yes, there is a plan to have PowerPacs on 64 bit platform. We are now testing based on the changes mentioned and hope to release all of them for 5.60.


  • Hi Shaun,

    Yes, there is a plan for PowerPacs on 64 bit platform. We are testing them now and hope to release all of the PowerPacs for 5.60.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update, that's great news!  I'm particularly interested in the Machining PowerPac (it's the one we're using), so I'm really hoping that this is one of the PowerPacs that will be supported.