Debugging FlexPendant app in 5.15

I have both VS2008 and VS2010, but it's not entirely clear what the procedure is to debug an app written using FlexPendant SDK 5.15.

The release notes suggest that step-by-step instructions can be found on this forum but I couldn't see it - or, as seems to be quite common here, the links were dead.

If you could point me in the direction of some suitable documentation or post current links, I'd be grateful.




  • Hi Derek,

    right now I'm debugging a problem reported on FlexPendant SDK, and I have a small test application that I debug using Visual Studio 2012.

    In VS 2008 I'm building the project.
    I have setup a post build step that copies the assemblies to my Virtual Controllers home directory after each build 
    Like this: 
    copy "$(TargetPath)" "C:\Users\senisko\Documents\RobotStudio\Demo AW Station\Systems\SystemAW2\HOME"
    copy "$(TargetName).gtpu.dll" "C:\Users\senisko\Documents\RobotStudio\Demo AW Station\Systems\SystemAW2\HOME"

    In RobotStudio I start the Virtual FlexPendant

    In VS2012 I'm selecting the function Tools >> Attach to process >> Virtual FlexPendant.exe

    If the app crashes it will break into the VS2012 debugger, and I can step and watch variables.
    I can also set breakpoints from VS2012.

    I have to double check the release notes, and what happened to the step by step description.

    Hope this helps you in the meantime.

    PS.  VS2010 or VS2012 should be identical from this perspective.

    Best Regards, Niklas Skoglund
    ABB Robotics

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  • BTW, here is another hint.
    In RobotStudio I can right click in the controller node in the Controller Browser and select "Open system folder" to easily get the path to the VCs home directory that is used in the post build step.

    Best Regards, Niklas Skoglund
    ABB Robotics

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  • derekcharles
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    Thanks Niklas, that's very helpful - I'll try that out.





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  • Hi 

    Beter late than never but this might help other people struggling to debug FlexPendant app in 5.15:
    Use Visual Studio 2010 and higher, there is actually a documented compatibility issue related to VisualStudio 2008 being unable to able attach to and debug a .NET 4.0 application.  VirtualFlexPendant.exe distributed with RobotStudio 5.15 and later are built with .NET 4.0.
    "Release Notes FlexPendant SDK 6.11"