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Problem maintaining connection to real controller

<p>I am using RobotStudio version 5.15.02 to connect to IRC5 controllers and I am having trouble maintaining my connection.  By that I mean edits made on the flexpendant sometimes do not appear on the RobotStudio screen and vice-versa.  To resolve the problem I need to delete the controller from my controller list and add the controller again.  This generally works, but I often lose many edits in the process.  I have seen this issue on many of our robots and all are running Robotware 5.15.02.  Is this a known problem?  Any ideas?</p><p> </p>


  • This is not a known problem, but another, maybe related issue, is the following:

    The controller connection is dependent on a fully active network connection. On some PCs, the network adapter goes into a power save state after a while when using the laptop battery. This may cause problems to the controller connection. It is recommended to use a "High performance" or "Maximum performance" power setting when disconnected from the power supply to prevent the network adapter from going into reduced state.

    Something else worth checking is the firewall settings. There is a table in the RobotStudio Operating manual that lists the ports and exceptions you need to make to the firewall to allow a smooth controller connection.



    Henrik Berlin