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Keyboard Shortcuts

soup ✭✭✭
Keyboard shortcuts for "Go To Definition" and "Find All References" would be helpful. Also, not sure if it's possible, but a "back" function would be amazing while jumping around code using "Go To Definition" and "Find All References".


  • Good suggestions. The 'back' feature is a bit tricky, but one we have considered. No promises though.

    Tip: You should be able to define your own keyboard shortcuts. Click the little down arrow in the title bar (to the right of the quick access buttons for save etc) and select "Customize Commands". Select "Other commands" in the dropdown and browse to the commmand you want to set a shortcut for.


    Anders Ekelund
    Architect, RobotStudio
  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    I just set "Go To Definition" and "Find All References" to F2 and F3 and they work great! Thanks for the tip!